Thursday, 11 February 2016

Nestle to come clean with it's IAAF sponsorship deal?

Swiss-based food and drink giant Nestle has ended its sponsorship of the IAAF, as it fears the doping scandal engulfing the world athletics governing body could damage its reputation.  Ha!

IAAF president, Seb Coe, Olympic Torch Relay, Sheffield, 2012

Nestle has been a sponsor of the IAAF's global KidsAthletics scheme since 2012 which funds 15 million children aged 7-12 in 76 countries but is ending its involvement a year early. Some might say that it is a strange decision as it is sponsorship like this which may actually help Nestle's reputation which is globally sullied over numerous allegations of: promoting baby milk as better than breast in many African countries; asserting that access to water isn't a universal right; allegations of child labour; environmental pollution; price fixing; promoting and mis-labelling unhealthy food etc etc etc

Many people still believe that Seb Coe is still the best person to lead the IAAF forward - it just looks like another hurdle has been put in his path.

IAAF president Lord Coe has since accused Nestle of hypocrisy - pointing to Nestle's backing of the Tour de France during a time when cycling had notable doping problems.