Sunday, 6 May 2018

World Snooker Championship 2018 - the final

Day 16 of 17 in the long-running competition that is the World Snooker final - held since 1977 at the Crucible theatre in Sheffield.

This year's finalists are four-time winner John Higgins and two-time winner Mark Williams.  Whoever wins it will be the longest gap for a player since their first win.

 The lady on top of the trophy, captured against the ceiling lights of the Crucible theatre.
 A view from the photographer's booth as the match gets underway.
 Referee Brendan Moore places the trophy at the end of the table at the start of the match, ready for...
 ...the traditional handshake shot between John Higgins and Mark Williams.
 Mark Williams at the table
John Higgins plays down the table