Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The joys of being an outfield photographer

When you are photographing an event like athletics there are two types of position.  Infield access allows the photographer inside the track.  Outfield access lets the photographer move to a few pre-defined locations around the track but usually is best within a 'pen' at the end of the back straight so that you can photograph finishers head-on.

Unfortunately, as an outfield photographer in a static position, there are times when you will become invisible to camera-crew, officials and anybody else who can wander freely onto the track in front of you just as you are about to press the shutter.
Camera-crew, British Athletics Championships. Birmingham 2016 - see Tom Bosworth trying to unsuccessfully photo-bomb the picture?

We always need to be mindful as well of who we may be blocking.  Luckily, British Athletics do have a very good and efficient media team who look after the photographers and keep us mostly on the straight and narrow!