Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why would you give your work away for free?

I frequently get requests from newspapers, magazines, journalists, poets, artists - in fact a whole range of people - asking if they can use one of my photos to go with an article.

Usually this is accompanied with a line to say that they do not have a budget to pay for this, but that they would give me a picture credit.

I am often happy to provide a photo or two of an athlete to their club for use on their club website, helping to promote the sport/club/athlete.  Aside from that I do expect remuneration, especially if my work is going to be used in a commercial sense.

Now, I know that newspapers in particular are having a hard time of it, but they still have a budget for photos.  Getty, Reuters and the PA Wire service which are the mainstay of many newspapers certainly don't give away their photos, so why expect a freelancer to give away their work?

I'll always try to respond to the requester, explaining this - that gear costs money, as does the travel/accommodation and then there is the time element.  My photography work goes through the tax man and it all costs me money..  Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on it.