Sunday, 10 August 2014

Usain Bolt questioned at Commonwealth Games press conference

In old news (well, Saturday 26th July but I have been busy...), while at the Commonwealth Games I attended a press conference with Usain Bolt.  Getting there early for when the doors opened, I was able to get a seat on the second row, just behind Darren Campbell (woo-hoo).  There was an air of expectation as we waited for the great man to appear.

When he did, he didn't disappoint - going straight into a posed photo with Clyde and some children.
It all started off fairly normal - questions about Scotland, the weather, his form that year....
But then the questions turned to his opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the upcoming Scottish referendum, whether he would wear a kilt and pose for selfies with adoring reporters.....
No wonder the Jamaican six-time Olympic champion threw his hands in the air.  But thankfully, one of the few truly global superstars of the Commonwealth Games, he managed to charm everyone with his trademark humour.