Monday, 21 July 2014

Katarina Johnson-Thompson out of Commonwealth Games with foot injury

Katarina Johnson-Thompson (Liverpool, coach:Mike Holmes) has withdrawn from England’s Commonwealth Games team for Glasgow under medical advice with a foot injury.  The 21 year old who has been on world-beating form this year was set to take part in the heptathlon at the Games starting next week, but has been advised against participation by the medical support team.

The world number one said:  “I’m absolutely devastated that I’m not going to be able to compete at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I was so looking forward to competing in another home games and this time as one of the favourites.

“The Commonwealths was a key target for me this year and I was feeling so good in my preparation up until this week so this is a real blow. My season so far with a World Indoor medal in the long jump, winning at Gotzis and becoming World number one in heptathlon had really given me the confidence going in to the Games that I could post a big score and hopefully come away with that Gold medal – but sadly it’s just not meant to be.

“All the advice is telling me that I risk long term damage if I compete in a heptathlon in just over a week’s time and I have to take that advice for the sake of my career. I really hope to be able to compete in the long jump at the European Championships next month but it doesn’t take away how gutted I am that I won’t be at the Commonwealths – particularly after all the amazing support I have already received and I know the crowds would have been fantastic after the reception I got in Glasgow at the Diamond League last week. Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing support.”